Application Form - EMPLOYMENT

Personal Details

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If less than 3 years at this address, state your previous address (es)

EMPLOYMENT RECORD (College / University / Work)

Last 2 years (Start with most recent) Important- full addresses and contact telephone numbers are required. Attach additional sheet if required.
NOTE: Please Read Carefully
In order to offer you employment we need to complete your vetting as per BS 7858. To do so we must have information of what you were doing over last 5 years. So, please include what you were doing over last 5 years to exact dates in the boxes above. If you were going to college/ university, please include full details and give us copies of certificate attained or valid college letters. In the contact details, please include your employer’s email address so that we can ask for reference via email. Please include the details of any employer/ college even if it is outside UK and include an email address.


Please give the name, address, telephone number and occupation of two persons, not related to you, who have known you for at least 5 years in a personal capacity, whom we may approach for character references (Tutor/Employer).

Referee One

Referee Two


If you have been self-employed, please give the name, address, telephone number and occupation of two professional referees who can confirm this (e.g. solicitor, bank manager or accountant).

Referee One

Referee Two

Bank Details


I certify that the information I have provided in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, I fully understand that it is a criminal offence to make it also statements on this application form under Section 16 of the theft Act 1968. I also understand that any false statement may be sufficient cause for rejection of my application or if employed dismissal. I further certify that I have completed the application form in my own hand writing and understand that my employment is subject to satisfactory vetting in compliance with security- check or as may be amended. I authorize the company and any third party nominated by the company to perform a vetting service and to hold the information contained in the Application for Employment. Such information will be subject to the Data Protection Act. I understand and agree that any offer of employment is conditional to the verification, to the company’s satisfaction of the information provided on the Application Form. I confirm that the information I have provided on the Application Form is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that the check will involve verification of the details as specified below:

  • Passport/ID & relevant visas - right to work in the UK
  • Residency check
  • County CourtJudgment/Bankruptcy checks
  • 3 years employment check
  • Criminality check (Above checks are only applicable in case of UK residence/ Citizen)

  • 1) I also understand that it may be a criminal offence to attempt to obtain employment by deception and that any misrepresentation omission of the material fact or deception will be cause for immediate cancellation of consideration for employment, or dismissal if already employed.
    2) I hereby authorize The Company to verify information presented on my application form, which may include explicit or sensitive personal data for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the obtaining of the documents and/ or information covered by the European Union.
    3) Directive 95/46. I authorize The Company to perform reference checks of my employment, including current employment and to contact the Department of Works and Pensions to confirm periods of unemployment (if any)
    4) I understand that if an unsatisfactory reference is received from my current employer after I have accepted a role with The Company that The Company may terminate my employment with immediate effect.